New Year, New Name, New Music

"Wait...I thought you were Scarftough." I hear ya. I was. But times are changing and I'm changing with them. Starting in 2018, I'll be writing and performing under the name on my birth certificate. I have a whole bunch of reasons for the change, chief among them is that the stage name seems to confuse the hell out of people now that I'm predominantly a solo performer.

What does this mean for you? Mostly, you'll need to update some links. My Facebook page is now here: (Hey, like me while you're there, will ya?) My Patreon page is here: (You should support my project. Trust me, this is going to be a cool year.) And my new website is here:

I have some cool stuff in the pipeline for you this year. I'm well on my way to releasing a new album. Expect that in May. It's going to be a good one! I'll continue to release new music each month to my Patreon patrons. I'm incredibly grateful for the support my patrons have given me in 2017. Their support is directly related to my upcoming album release. Be a part of my story and join my Patreon team today!

You can also help me with one of my biggest goals for 2018. I'm going to play a whole bunch of house concerts and I want to play for you! If you're not familiar with house concerts, you can learn more about them here. Contact me today and let me know if you'd like me to play a house concert for you, your family, neighbors, and friends.

Thanks for your encouragement and support in 2017 and I'm looking forward to making more great music for you in 2018!