Host a House Concert!

House concerts are a blast. You, your friends, and great music make for a memorable evening for everyone. It's a unique way to get up close and personal with an artist who is playing just for you. But if you’re not familiar with the format, hosting one can seem a bit intimidating. Here are some common questions.

Why host a house concert? 

House concerts are a great alternative to a night out, a unique way to support the arts, or just an excuse to get your favorite people together! A typical house concert will have a dozen or more people, an hour or so of music, and opportunities to interact with the artist before, during, and after the performance. It's a fun group activity that your guests won't forget!

How much does a house concert cost? 

There isn't usually an upfront cost. Typically, the host will encourage guests to donate $10-$20 to the artist (or more if they’re so inclined!) But it should not be a ticket or door cover and no one is turned away if they don’t donate. I can give you pointers on how to make that ask easy and fun!

How can I get more information or book a house concert? 

Start by sending me a message at my Contact page, above, with any questions you have. I have plenty of resources and experiences I can share. If you're ready to start planning a house concert, message me with your preferred date, location, and any ideas you want to bounce off me. From there we can start a dialogue and find what works best.  Don’t be shy. Every one of these is unique so we’ll be in this together!